Monday, March 11, 2013

Feeling Inspired

The 500 Book Series by Lark Crafts really, in my opinion, is wonderful!
The series is for those lovers of quality craftsmanship  presenting the best of contemporary work. The books feature work in the medium of Ceramics, Metals, Woods, Plastics and loads more. 

Each item is hand picked by an Expert, exhibiting state of the art work.

I frankly, can't get enough of them! They help me to find and create a portfolio of so many inspirational artists and designers.

Lark Crafts is one of my 'safe places' I can sit on their website for hours at a time scrolling through and exploring. 

If you feel like being inspired, follow these links!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Modern Vs Post-Modern

Recently We've been examining the modernist and post modernist art movements, we being myself and lecture group, and whilst looking for Jewellery and Jewellers to write about in my "Journal" I came across a small handful of designers that i personally find inspirational, some could even become my top most influential designers to me and my working life! 

Must be pretty good designers i here you say? 
They are indeed! 

Art(Arthur) Smith was incredibly talented in many art disciplines  and whilst majoring commercial art and sculpture he also undertook night classes in Jewellery making At New York University, where he made several connections to other greats of that time. 
Working as a full time assistant for Winifred Mason, Smith developed his skill and passion for Jewellery.

His success grew and grew and his Jewellery was being featured in magazines such as vogue and Harper's Bazaar.
His customers were wearing his Jewellery as a statement piece to suggest they were part of a modern art movement. 

Out and proud, Smith fought for black and gay rights and fought for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Arthur Smith truly and inspiration.

I encourage you to go look him up! He has such a wonderful collection of frankly bazaar but stunning Jewellery.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remember When...

Remember Me? 

It has been a while and I've been So very Busy.
 Firstly, I finished my last course and now I am At University now, Studying Jewellery And Silversmithing!
Oh, Remember when i made a post about a Project Proposal? Well I did that Final Major Project and ACED it.

I love Marine Life! 70% of our earth is covered in water and everything about it is fascinating!

  I based my Project around stunning deep sea Jellies, Moon Jellies and Sea Nettles. Unfortunately  i have absolutely no idea Where i put my photos of my work :/ Let us hope i have them safely tucked away at home, or on a Usb *fingers crossed*

 In the mean time, here's a few snapshots of my designing process, Enjoy :)

Ribbons of melted plastic, Experimenting with how to melt it and how it reacts, also looking at the way it looks.
When i started the project my mind was pretty set on you plastics, I guess in retrospect it is a passion of mine, the beauty of sheet plastics and recyclable materials.
 (each to their own)

Ink Floating
Isn't t beautiful? Simply plopping a drop of ink into a glass of water creates mezmorizing swirls and shapes, these are some sketches of the shapes. Using biro i examined the textures and depth of the shapes. 

After extensive experimentation and studies i developed my work to create this Necklace/ body adornment design...

The final thing!
 I of course have "proper" photos of it on a stunning Model
What you see here is unfinished, i think, in its early stages of being molded using a heat gun.
Along side of this body piece i made a small collection of rings.

I promise to you i WILL upload some more pics

...and update you on more of my work as i develop.
I have loads to show you 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Uhhh ohhhh, My last post the picture didn't upload properly. I'll sort that out when i'm back on that computer again. This post is about the artist James Jean. Phwarrrr. I Love his drawings. But more so, I love his dripping jewellery! It's inspiring me to look at the shapes I'm looking at for my final major project in such a new light! (i'll post a quick sketch from my design when i can)
Here's more of his jewellery.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Proposal

Hello, I'm just starting my final project for this year, the one that matters! I made a proposal presentation of what i want to create, my ideas and inspirations. Here's one very quick slide that shows a little bit of work from my last 2 projects, and giving a hint of an idea to what sort of things i'm interested in.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Project: Flight
Here's a super super fast sketch of an idea i've had. My currect project is called flight, i've chosen to look at sycamore seeds, or any type of what is known as 'Helicopterseeds', more specifically, their movement as the spiral down to the ground. I'm interested in making a neck piece that extends out to replicate the dispersal of seeds.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm not the best at this blogging thing, but i am busy buzzing away i assure you, I've just found Tiffany Rowe, I adore her work!
A little update on me, I'm now studying 3D design, I have a place for Uni next year and nowadays i love body extension work, catwalk Jewellery, this is what i'm currently looking at. I'm on the look out for designers like Tiffany Rowe who are creative and can really use the body in their work!
These photos are all her work.