Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remember When...

Remember Me? 

It has been a while and I've been So very Busy.
 Firstly, I finished my last course and now I am At University now, Studying Jewellery And Silversmithing!
Oh, Remember when i made a post about a Project Proposal? Well I did that Final Major Project and ACED it.

I love Marine Life! 70% of our earth is covered in water and everything about it is fascinating!

  I based my Project around stunning deep sea Jellies, Moon Jellies and Sea Nettles. Unfortunately  i have absolutely no idea Where i put my photos of my work :/ Let us hope i have them safely tucked away at home, or on a Usb *fingers crossed*

 In the mean time, here's a few snapshots of my designing process, Enjoy :)

Ribbons of melted plastic, Experimenting with how to melt it and how it reacts, also looking at the way it looks.
When i started the project my mind was pretty set on you plastics, I guess in retrospect it is a passion of mine, the beauty of sheet plastics and recyclable materials.
 (each to their own)

Ink Floating
Isn't t beautiful? Simply plopping a drop of ink into a glass of water creates mezmorizing swirls and shapes, these are some sketches of the shapes. Using biro i examined the textures and depth of the shapes. 

After extensive experimentation and studies i developed my work to create this Necklace/ body adornment design...

The final thing!
 I of course have "proper" photos of it on a stunning Model
What you see here is unfinished, i think, in its early stages of being molded using a heat gun.
Along side of this body piece i made a small collection of rings.

I promise to you i WILL upload some more pics

...and update you on more of my work as i develop.
I have loads to show you 

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